The Distillation

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The Alembic

We refer to our still as “the Alembic”, a word that dates back to Middle Age French and that originates from the Greek word Ambix.

Our Alembic is hand-made by Christian CARL of Germany, a family owned company that has been making distilling equipment since 1869. The Alembic is made from copper and stainless steel. These are the best materials to use for distilling as copper reacts to the spirit to remove some of the sulphides and both copper and stainless steel work as heat conductors to stop impurities from contaminating the spirit. It is possible to make a still from almost any metal, but copper provides the best consistency of taste.


The Alembic has a 600 litre capacity,

a separate column with seven plates that further distil the product, a column that holds the botanical baskets where the carefully selected ingredients are placed so that the vapour rising up through the basket absorbs the flavours, and a condensing tower to bring everything back together into a high quality spirit. We gently distil each batch of gin or vodka for about 6 ½ to 7 hours in order to get the perfect result!