A new distillery in the heart of Provence


QVT is short for ‘Quatre-Vingt Trois’, 83 in French.

It is the code of our department in the heart of Provence.


We make hand-crafted spirits in small batches inspired by Provence

QVT Distillery

The distillery

Our still is hand-made by Christian CARL of Germany, a family owned company that has been making distilling equipment since 1869. It is a beautiful piece of machinery, made from copper and stainless steel. We worked together with CARL to create a still that would give us capacity and flexibility on how we make our products.

QVT Distillery

our products

Our first products are a classic gin inspired by Provence and a clear vodka, also with a local twist. We started with a gin as we got excited by the range of flavours and fragrances of this abundant region. The result is a gin that is perfect to enjoy during a lingering Provençal sunset!


QVT products can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a Cocktail


Our story

When Justin and Anna and their two daughters returned to Europe after more than a decade in Africa, they were looking for a place to settle. Both Justin and Anna had fallen in love with Provence in their youth so it seemed a logical place to look for the next challenge.